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The Challenge

Transformer oil is in an environment that leads to degradation of its desired properties. Even with a proactive transformer oil filtration program, it degrades over a period of time. When in service, oil can be contaminated by particles, water, gases and chemical products and when not attended to can result in expensive transformer overhauls

The Solution

High Voltage Electrical Services Australia’s transformer oil filtration and testing services extend the operational life of your transformer through through effective operational maintenance management that meets Australian Standards in the mining, manufacturing and electrical industries.

Transformer Oil Filtration Features

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

Totally Self-Contained Rigs

High Capacity Filtration

Oil treatment plant capable of filtering and degassing (in-factory and on-site)

Comprehensive Reports

We provide a comprehensive transformer oil analysis report for your maintenance reviews.
high voltage transformer oil filtration services
Our specialised transformer oil filtration and testing technicians are available with the latest equipment and tools to handle your oil filtration needs.

Our service removes and treats suspended solids, dissolved water, dissolved air and organic gases by utilising mobile vacuum dehydration units:

  • Drain Oil from Transformer / Equipment
  • Store Oil On-Site in Tank Trucks
  • Pull Vacuum on Transformer
  • Vacuum Degasify and Dehydrate New or Used Oil
  • Reclaim / Improve Physical and Chemical Characteristics (using Fullers Earth Processing, if necessary)
Typical Contaminants in high voltage transformer oil:

  • Solid particles like rust scales, dust and fibres
  • Generation of carbon particles due to wear & tear of switchgear
  • Oil absorbs moisture resulting in free and dissolved water
  • Absorption of air
  • Aging fluids produce absorbed gases, causing equipment failure and arc suppression in switchgear
  • Sludge formation
  • Increase in acidity level
  • Chemical products are caused by oxidation, as well as cross contamination of other products.

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