Underground Cable Fault Location

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The Challenge

Underground cable faults in high and low voltage installations can develop through faulty installation, excavation damage or water damage. Areas of greater risk of cable faults are Mining, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic situations including:

  • Homes
  • Rural
  • Shopping centres
  • Caravan parks
  • Mobile home villages

The possibilities of experiencing faults within underground cables are real and can be expensive to replace.

The Solution

Determining the location and depth of damaged or faults in underground services can be difficult. Locating and repairing an underground cable fault in most instances can save thousands as opposed to digging up and replacing damaged services.

Our team is highly skilled in identifying the location of faults and performing repairs to underground cables, mitigating the need to replace entire sections.

Underground Cable Fault Location Features

Heavy Industry Experience

We have expertise in working with large mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

Planning Assistance

Can assist with site planning for major construction & mining services

State Of The Art Technology

Latest fault finding equipment ensures we locate damaged underground cables accurately without the need for large excavation.
Locating damaged cables underground before you commit to replacing entire sections is a specialty of High Voltage Electrical Services Australia.

Various high voltage industries including mining, heavy industry and commercial across Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and wider NSW find our underground cable fault location services to be time efficient and cost effective.

Our Underground Cable Fault Location services can also assist with site planning for major development works. Cable faults can cause undue downtime for mining and heavy industry so it’s extremely important to understand the condition and possible re-occurance of service faults from overload and to reduce costly repairs.

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