Underground Cable Route Detection

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The Challenge

Knowing the direction and depth of high and low voltage underground cables can be tricky if your using outdated cable plans. The possibilities of excavating or puncturing underground cables are real and if experienced can be expensive and life threatening.

The Solution

All of our underground cable locating technicians have over 30 years experience locating cables underground, our team of cable locator’s use electromagnetic cable locating equipment to locate the type and depth of cables underground safely, before you dig or excavate.

Underground Cable Route Detection Features

Heavy Industry Experience

We have expertise in working with large mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

Planning Assistance

Can assist with site planning for major construction and remediation works

State Of The Art Technology

Three-dimensional plan showing all buried high voltage cables that is non-invasive and better than 97% accurate.
Locating high voltage cables underground before you dig is a specialty of High Voltage Electrical Services Australia.

Various trade businesses including excavators, plumbers, electricians across Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and wider NSW find our underground cable locating services to be time efficient and cost effective so they can safely dig

Our service is perfect for the construction, mining and manufacturing industry particularly engineers, contractors and project managers

Our Underground Cable Route Detection can also assist with site planning for major development works. Cable location, prior to excavation is extremely important as it helps avoid the potential danger of digging into cables; particularly power cables that if exposed have been known to cause fatalities, as well as costly repairs.

Locating cables underground could be done by looking at underground cable records, however overtime with construction and development in particular mining and manufacturing industries, records are often not updated or are incorrect, and can be limited to just a line on a map with no depth measurements.

Our underground cable route detection technology can provide a three-dimensional plan showing all buried high voltage cables that is non-invasive and better than 97% accurate.

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